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Channelled by Lisa Virtue

How are you choosing to be in this world?  Are you living the life of your desires or those that others have dictated or influenced for you?  Do you wish to be where you are or are you simply settling with what you think is within the limits available? There truly are no limits Dear Ones, only those imposed by yourself… and sometimes the physical laws such as gravity.  Though as you know, you can create contraptions to defy gravity.  What can you create In your life to defy the limits you have allowed yourself to be controlled by that may not be aligned with your inner voice, your inner heart-speak?

You are worried about others that you love, you think.  But do you truly know what’s in their hearts? Have you truly thought about the benefits that they may be able to take advantage of through you following your guidance?  How are they better served in your denial of your own true expression? This may not be the example you are truly wishing to give.

So how do you change what has become ingrained? You begin with desire.  Looking inward to feel, noticing what you find in terms of how you feel in the various areas of your life.  What do you feel when you contemplate your own magnificence? What dreams do you have? What life would you prefer? Or do you find your dreams are matching? That you are actually living aligned with your inner being?  Perhaps you have begun to do so, you have started to follow the steps. You have been down some pathways that your heart has told you to follow.

And what of the unknown? What about the ideas that spring to life, that the way to achieve is unknown to you? It seems daunting or too hard to reach from where you are at.

Dearest Ones, the answer is always to begin. Feel into what your heart desires and make inquisitive actions towards those. How can you research or investigate or learn?  How can you manage or shift the belief systems you have acquired that hinder? Are you able to shift how you feel and how you look at things?  How you believe about yourself that may clear some pathways to your inner desires?

What have you put in place that hinders your achievement? If you have put it in place you may also make changes to it. Now these things may have been present for so long that you are not sure where to begin. Inquiry.  If the block seems to involve others, have discussions.  Mostly they will all stem from your own self, so look within.  Talk to others about how they have dealt with similar issues.  Allow yourself to find the support systems to assist you.  Maybe they have been under your nose all along.

Dear Ones you may have whatever your heart is dreaming of, but first allow that you may be the one who has put up hinderances to it.  Perhaps your fears have gotten in the way.  Take the easiest step that you can.  Start to move forward. You will encounter new ideas, new tools, people, services, the list is endless.  Action in whatever manner feels appropriate to you that will move you in the direction of your dream is where you begin.  Allow that you deserve to live the life that aligns for you. You have a purpose here. Allow that to come through you. Allow yourself to take hold of it and move and express in this life. You are cherished and valuable.  You are worthy.

Dear Ones allow yourselves to play with your life. To fill it with the excitement of new things that inspire you. To enjoy the down cycles of rest, the periods of integration.  And those of simple enjoying where you’re at.  Life has its cycles. Trust you are somewhere in one of those and eventually you will be through all of the others. Each serves its purpose.  Flow, allow, trust in your inner being. It knows what is in highest for you.  Begin to trust yourself more Dear Ones. You will find the challenges become easier to deal with or to surmount. To see them in a new way as offerings towards the highest you. You are already in your light. It is about believing as you simply open your eyes to it. More and more. A step at a time.

We believe in you.  Now follow your truth.

Great Beings Of Peace

Lisa Virtue is an Energy Healer and an Angel Channel. She offers services to help you find your alignment and your path.  You may call her at 613-296-4271 or email or visit

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