Yoga Therapy Approach

April 18, 2018 | By More

Why do some go to yoga therapy?  Some do.  If you do, good.  If not, good.  I am all accepting.  You may receive yoga therapy by being in the same room as me.  It’s not exactly seen.  You must be allowed to experience.  If so, you will attain to higher consciousness.  You may.  It’s a personal experience between a yoga teacher and a yoga student.  It’s very important to feel free to be a person who is allowed to express themselves in a safe environment.  This is why yoga therapy works.  It’s not about me, the therapist.  It’s always about you.  The seeker.  If it is, you will be lighter than a rose petal sinking down in a bed of roses.  You will be given a rose bath without water and a rose will appear shiny and new, calm, and faces will appear will suddenly seem lovelier to you and you will begin to know a secret.  You are an ocean of bliss, thankfulness and light.  You are a light which burns bright.  I am the light teacher.  You are the light bearer.  Be this.  And become that which you are.

Sonja Muller R.N.

Rehabilitation Therapist in Yoga Therapy and Massage

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