Yoga: The Path to Know the Self

November 13, 2018 | By More

By Ivy Xie-McIsaac, E-RYT200, YACEP

The place of action includes the body, mind and spirit as three layers. Everyone has different degrees of activities with these layers. Yoga practice is to understand the activities of these layers and do our best to bring the relationships of body, mind, and spirit into harmony at a suitable place and time. When we fulfill duties and are detached from the results, free thinking with self-discipline action and an open heart with wisdom, then we can see our Self clearer.

Through Hatha Yoga posture practice we learn to listen to the body and cultivate the relationship between body and mind. Through Sāṃkhya Yoga meditation we learn to listen to the voice of the soul and cultivate the relationship between body and soul. Through Bhakti Yoga service we connect with the Super soul and cultivate the relationship between the Self and Divine Presence. To study the knowledge about these relationships we are practicing Jñāna Yoga, and to apply the knowledge in daily life we are practicing Karma Yoga. Haṭha, Sāṃkhya, Bhakti, Jñāna and Karma Yoga, these different forms of Yoga are like 5 fingers of a hand. Together they lead us to find the divinity of our Self in the heart. None of them can be neglected, and all of these forms of practice are meant for us to know our own strengths and weaknesses. Keep the strengths and strengthen the weak parts. No one is able to be perfect but we can always work towards perfection.

From the moon, that has no life, we know how beautiful the earth is. From understanding death we know how valuable life is. From the moment we are born we know everyone’s destination is death. The journey itself is more important than the destination. Let Yoga be a journey for health and happiness; a journey in the heart space to find the beauty of the Self. May we walk along in the softness of our own heart.

Ivy’s geography background and travel have given her a unique perspective. Her book A Complete Yoga Manual is a bridge between east and west, modern and ancient, theory and practice. A Complete Yoga Manual by Ivy Xie-McIsaac is available at Singing Pebble Books. Ivy will have a book signing, along with chanting at Singing Pebble Books, 206 Main Street, Ottawa on Sunday, November 18 from 2 to 5.


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