Year of the Goddess, Sisterhood + Self Care to Her Very Core

January 24, 2019 | By More

A letter to friends new and old in Ottawa-Gatineau, by Donna Henhoeffer.

First, I invite you all to take a deep, fresh, and lighthearted breath of this new 2019 energy. Send gratitude to the personal and spiritual development you gained during the intensity of the past 365 days. Our self-defeating ways are behind us now and the path is set for your true brilliance to shine. 

Your AHA moments may have been profound, and for some, perhaps a final dusting off of lingering cobwebs. Regardless, you are the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis and as you open your wings you will come to see the Goddess of beauty you know you were born to be.

I am blessed to have experienced the beauty of sisterhood and the divine feminine that lay dormant inside of me for forty-plus years. And now, as I stand in a greater understanding and absolute love of my personal self, I am thrilled more than ever to eke out every bit of joy and exuberance of the year ahead. 2019 is a 3 universal year and given I am a Life Path 3 I feel doubly-blessed. I am going to play more than ever sisters and I want you to play too. 

I believe the ultimate act of self-care is to get your very core and express your highest self. When you truly go through the process of self-care, you are taking care of you, looking after your self, which is better for you and for the world. We are on a collective journey and as sisters and goddesses I trust we are here to guide each other. This year, allow your Goddess more time and space to live well, eat well, play well and be well. Our world is awe-filled, with colour, texture and flavours and a plethora of things to make her sing, dance and shed tears of laughter and joy.  Unleash her SPIRIT-YOU-ALL side!

There is an energy in the year ahead that will be undeniable whether you choose to start in January, May or October to be free as the child you once were. For me I am pledge to be more curious, to reach out and grab what lights and fills me up. How will you choose to express your inner magic? What is she asking you to let go of once and for all – to be free for you. I know your goddess awaits for your individual expression and to delight in all the ways you send your positive VIBE-rancy out to the world.

Goddess it is time to REIGN in your Sacred Imagination, let your wild-side rise, dance like no one is watching and feel as if everyone wants to come to your party. This world is your oyster and you are the rare pearl – be that, be all of you, be your self!

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