Waking Visions for Heart & Soul: Inner Guidance Through Active Dreaming

November 20, 2018 | By More

With Robin Blackburn McBride

Join Author, Coach & Teacher, Robin Blackburn McBride, for a powerful day of inner journeying with drum and silence, on the screen of your mind’s eye … and with found images and objects, intuition, your own journal and a fast-moving pen. Set your intention for the day and learn techniques for receiving the messages you seek, as well as those seeking you, all in service of your highest good. You will work with guided imagery, readings, solo and small-group/partner activities.

A Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Teacher, Robin safely bridges worlds of Dream Building and Active Dreaming as a practice. Her self-help book, Birdlight: Freeing Your Authentic Creativity, was an Amazon best-seller in 2016. She is a published poet, and her first novel, The Shining Fragments, has just been published by Guernica Editions in Toronto.

Space is limited. Register now to reserve your place. This will be a day like no other, and you will be glad you gave yourself this gift.

In this extraordinary day of connection you learn three powerful visioning techniques for tuning to your inner guidance system and aligning with your true Purpose and authentic Self.

In a sacred space, and with a master teacher’s guidance, you go deeply into your own possible future in service of your highest good. Learn to connect with your own inner guides and teachers. Create in powerful new ways on the screen of your mind and ultimately in the landscape of your experience.

Your day with Robin includes three essentials:

First, you tune to the sound of the drum and to your own personal Vision as you call forth clarity in four key areas of your life. This is an opportunity to invite greater specificity and amplitude. Relax and make welcome the ideas that are meant to flow to you.

Second, you learn the Active Dreaming technique which forms the core of our work for the day. This four-step process connects you with your inner guidance system in fresh and revealing new ways, empowering you to move forward in service of your heart’s desire. Prepare for adventure and breakthrough moments along the way – especially as you take this practice home.

Finally, you gain an advanced-level visioning tool to help you turn up the dial on your state, sustain high-energy states for longer periods of time, and invite greater freedom and flow in the direction of a life you would love living. Again, here is a takeaway which, when repeated, helps you design and manifest your experience at a whole new level.

Throughout the day expect powerful solo work, as well as safe and highly calibrated sharing in an atmosphere of inspiration, loving energy, and conscious creativity.


Living Science Wellness Centre

59 Iber Rd #25

Saturday 24 November, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

$195 + HST. Delicious, healthy lunch provided


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