Valuing Yourself

September 12, 2018 | By More

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)


The question isn’t whether you’re valuable. That you are is a given. You have to be or do nothing more than exist. You’re a Creation – irreplaceable.

The more meaningful question is, “Do I accept that I AM valuable?”

Many people keep trying to claim this into their heart by searching for evidence from comparisons of appearance, wealth, status, material possessions, abilities, connections, or accomplishments. They test their worth according to the journey of others.

But this only leads to pain because no two creations are alike. Still, there is some expectation they have of themselves that they’re trying to meet that, if satisfied, will bring an end to all inner doubt. Some proving of their worth that will outweigh their fear repeating in their mind: I’m useless, dismissed, misunderstood, too different, too sensitive, eese ego-self judgments bolster darker spaces.

Exposing yourself to the world of negative forces through such self-misperceptions plays right into their enslavement game and their collection of negative emotional energy. They enjoy feeding off of this. Remember, low vibration and suicidal thought-forms are mind-controlling attempts to control your soul. Our collective shadow is now pushing up. And artificial intelligence broadcasts are heavily targeting the negative ego to create pain. The media is pushing the suicide agenda. Don’t claim this as yours. When you truly value yourself you whole-heartedly declare that nobody, nor anything, can take your God-given powerful, inner Light. Children especially need to learn this.

If you don’t value yourself who will? Honestly ask yourself, “How do I diminish my own light by downplaying my capability, my wisdom, my creativity and all that expresses through my one-of-a-kind vessel of God?” “Do I appreciate all that I AM?”

You’re not supposed to be like anyone else. Thank God for that!  You can’t hold back your love and light. When you value yourself, our whole world benefits.

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Amâeil (Melinda Urban) 2018

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