Unity Field Healing:  The New Energy Work Making Big Shifts

February 23, 2018 | By More

In early December I participated in what was the most transformative energetic healing forum I’ve ever experienced.  As a long-time energy healer and intuitive, this work blew me away.  Not only did I learn this technique and am now a practitioner but the personal transformation that I went through was mind-blowing.

This work came to an Ottawa-based medical doctor named John Ryan.  It came to him in a series of meditations over several years.  He is finally sharing this incredible healing and I feel so lucky to have been drawn to this while it is still on the ground floor.

This energetic healing was born of the new energy that this planet ascended into after 2012.  Remember the Mayan’s prediction of the ‘end of the world’ in 2012? Well, it wasn’t a prediction of annihilation.  It was a prediction of the ‘end of the old energy’ and consequently, the birth of the new energy.

Here’s how this transformative energetic healing technique differs so greatly from the rest.  Are you sitting?

We don’t fix problems in this new energy.  In fact, it’s not about problems at all.  It is about realigning with the original blueprint of your soul.  And that blueprint is uniquely perfect.  It sits above any problem or concern or dis-ease that might be present.  So instead of focusing on how to fix a problem, it is a realignment to the soul’s perfection.  

And how does this work, exactly?  Well, we all know that we have physical DNA. But through the work of quantum physics, we know that we also have what is called Quantum DNA.

Physicist Fred Alan Wolf, refers to the vacuum of space as, “the home of the soul.”  What this means is that before we have a physical body or anything in the material world, it first needs to exist in the quantum or etheric world.  Or in the vacuum of space. Therefore, we know that physical DNA cannot exist without quantum DNA.  It is in this quantum DNA that all information, intuition, and states of higher consciousness come from.

So what does this mean in practical terms?  It means that there is a solution (in fact, there are infinite numbers of solutions) to any problem that you may have.  It means that for every diseased state there is an opposite state of complete health and vibrance.  It means that for every persistent desire that you keep coming back to (you know…those things that you fantasize about again and again) that there exists that very thing or things for your experiencing.

Put simply…if it aligns with your soul, it is there for the experiencing.  And this healing, above all else, is about alignment.

Unity Field Healing directly taps this potential.  It brings us into conscious connection with Consciousness itself and its infinite creative potential.  It is about the wrapping up of duality (right vs wrong, good vs bad) and stepping into each experience as just that:  An experience that is meant to bring us deeper into our soul light.  An experience that is meant to wake us up.

In other words, when we tap the great creative potential that we all are, we stop seeing ourselves as problems that need fixing.  We stop giving our power away to institutions that tell you ‘there is no cure…this is the best we can do for you…this is simply your lot in life…this is as good as it gets.’

That limited energy died when we stepped into the new energy.  It is, of course, up to you if you would like to remain there.  We’re choiceful beings.  But why would you?

When you receive the series of Unity Field Healing sessions (there are 3) something miraculous happens.  We might not be able to pinpoint what or certainly how, but it happens.  I felt it.  We all felt it.

The time has finally come to step out of the belief that you are a problem that needs fixing and to simply invite and realign with your original soul blueprint and all of its creative potential.

I have had some great feedback so far from sessions.  Here’s some of the feedback that I’ve received.

“The Unity Field Healing I received was profound.  I was experiencing significant stress at the time that felt as though it was overtaking my body.  After the healing, my stress level could not ‘rise’ to the extent it was prior to the healing.  I had an internal shift that was necessary for me to calm down and to begin functioning well again.  The best part is that, although I have felt some anxiety since, it has never returned to the almost crippling level I was experiencing prior to the healing.  I’m so grateful to have received this healing.”  Amy S.

Good Morning Ann! Would like to thank you again for being a channel of light and healing for me the other day. I have felt “lighter”, more uplifted and not as physically and emotionally fatigued, as I continue to heal from all that transpired in my life over the past 15 months. Have a wonderful day

~ Melanie M.

Sessions are now available in person in my office in West Ottawa or by distance.

By Ann Jarvis, Holistic Nutritionist & Intuitive Energy Healer 



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