Understanding of the self

October 21, 2018 | By More

It is important to know, understanding of our emotional and logical disturbance is the first steps to recognize and identifying needed professional help.

This short article is all about how to evaluate and understand ourselves to know in which category we have difficulty to function. It is true that all categories that I will mention are related to each other yet, getting rid of one conflict will help us to deal easily with few others. Foundations of understanding our emotional difficulties built in our core belief system, internally and systematically.

The essential element is being aware of the self and its boundaries and directions. This will enable us to regulate, learn and give attention to the needed internal and external information to form skills for required tasks and taking our past experiences in our consideration. Now matter of communication in variety levels in form of verbal, none verbal, symbolic way of communication helps us to reflect and understand our lives through social and personal interaction.

We also need to recognize and identify, differentiate and distinguish circumstances of the self from fantasy and reality, past, future and present moment.

I work with imagination and I believe imagination is core of our mental state that is reflections of our behaviour, desire, needs, wants, goals and belief system.

Self-esteem gives us sense of control which must not be out of reality neither viewed unrealistically.

Our impulses are experienced internally yet, reflection of it is external one, then self must be able to control and regulate impulses within an appropriate adopted behaviour that matches logical way of doing things and social norms.  Our ability to express and cope is part of our defense mechanism and inappropriate cope and defense mechanism will be mistaken as defense mechanism.

We also have ability to adopt and when this skill is not exists or not developed then the self will be lost in confusion with not being able to define the self, self’s properties and its boundaries.

Above points are not complete picture of self evaluation but they are basic and fundamental one. Just going through above matters even in the surface will helps us to recognize possible emotional disturbance in our lives journey.


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