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by Dr. Reverend Martha Creek

I  may have finally learned that “Figure it out” is not a good slogan for me or most other humans. Stressful. My best attempts prove murky, wobbly, wily, confusing, and complex. Perhaps, “keep faith in things unseen” and stay the course could be a kinder approach.

I was meeting a friend for lunch in a new unfamiliar place – one that turns out is plain old weird and difficult to navigate. This is coming from someone who has driven in unfamiliar countries, places, and foreign cities for 40 years. This place contains roundabouts that are not aligned squarely with the incoming streets, heavy congested traffic and people in a big hurry to get somewhere, of course.

I felt overly determined on this particular day – confident and faithful that I was equipped for this adventure and affirming it would be with ease and grace. All the best and powerful spiritual mix, right? I sought the assistance of my most trusted and dependable friend “Siri” for navigation assistance, realizing she is smarter and broader minded than me. I proceeded confidently along the route, navigated two of the crazy intersections, and Siri informed me, “You have arrived”. Although, I didn’t see a restaurant in sight, I had arrived. I decided to park and figure it out on foot. I surely must be close.

I parked the car in the first available space that included “two hour” parking. How generous. I guess that keeps people like me from living in that space all winter. I stepped out of the car, took a big deep breath, basked in my glory of accomplishment, secretly taking the credit of course, and began to look around for the restaurant. My first discovery was that I was at the City Hall. As I began my restaurant search, the arrows in the photo were there to direct me.

Two ways! Which way? Who decides? I got a huge belly laugh and another “awakening” reset from the God wink. What if there is more than one way to whatever we are headed for? What would it be like to accept this reality and proceed with understanding and less stress? 

As Martin Luther King said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. I won’t begin to believe that I know what Faith is or isn’t. What I will continue to do is watch for winks, signs and accept the complexity of the directions. 

What will you do in the name of “faith”?

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