Tis the season to be busy! Are you happy?

December 19, 2017 | By More

by Louise Lalande, coCreations

By the time Christmas came around I was usually exhausted and couldn’t even enjoy my dearest friends and family.

You know it well, December is a time when more tasks get added to our already long list, personal and work get-togethers intensify and all too many things feel overwhelming. If you’re finding yourself longing for more quiet time, you’re not alone.

It took me a while to figure out what I could change to make December responsibilities more efficient, but most of all it took courage and persistence to learn how to say no. After you hit a wall (which I have on a number of occasions!), you tend to have more resolve to look for openings. In time I found an entrance to a garden which implanted generosity through the act self-care and meditation.

At first I didn’t know I had a garden.  I was so busy running around I became engulfed in completing my tedious lists with exasperating high expectations of perfection.

In an effort to get my attention my body kept sending stronger messages until blatant anxiety attacks came.  My heart would race, my breathing would get shallower, and my mind and body would be filled with uncontrollable untargeted fear.

This was a big, thick wall! It was a time when I had to make substantial changes in order to get my energy and stamina back.  One choice after another I kept asking myself, ‘how will this affect my well-being?’ and worked from there.

One of my decisions was to pursue yoga classes and about ten years later, meditation. They made me feel calm and supported. I wasn’t busy trying to figure out what everyone else was doing in his or her garden or busy with a gargantuan to do list.  I was perfectly content where I was, and, as if I brought back a bouquet from the garden, those feelings stayed with me through the day.

I’m not always in the mood for gardening but with gentle enticement to get going, once started, the flowers are always welcoming.  And then, weeding comes naturally as I wish the best for the plants.

There are as many types of gardens as there are gardeners.  Every one of us has a unique way of doing things, and has individual preferences for plants, trees and flowers.   There are numerous styles of yoga and meditation and it is for each one of us to find what suits us best.

When I meditate, even if people or events are difficult during the day, reminiscing about my garden I can react to whatever is going on in ways that will bring positivity and light to any situation.  In a way, it’s like emanating the gardens’ most precious floral scents: a subtle substance that can shift the mood, the process, and the outcome.

Life is rich and nothing in the world can buy peace or happiness.  Being alive is incredible. Being in the flow, in harmony with life, is what brings on renewal and inspiration.

Two decades of yoga and years of meditation have convinced me that the most important place to learn from is from within.  Looking at our priorities and our values is what enables us to make healthy and loving choices.  When we’re happy and healthy, we are better equipped to help others as make the world a better place.

The essence of the season is love and the celebration of life. So this Christmas season take time to care of yourself; engage in activities that rejuvenate you, find ways to reduce your to do list, and, one step at the time, this season will be more jolly!

Louise is passionate about helping women express their full potential through artPlay workshops that retrieve innate wisdom and creativity.  She is the only accredited Artist’s Way facilitator teaching in Canada, coach, artist and reiki practitioner.  For more information she can be reached at 613.315.2030.

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