The True Meaning of Health

November 20, 2018 | By More

We’ve been lied to. We’ve been taught to believe that the absence of symptoms means health and the presence of symptoms means sickness. While it is true symptoms can sometimes tell us how sick we are, the lack of them can never give us information about how healthy we are.

Judging your health by your symptoms is not only unreliable; it is also dangerous. The first sign of heart disease is often a fatal heart attack, the first sign of cancer is sudden weight loss or a palpable lump. The result is the vast proportion of our population is living symptom-free, yet very sick and unwell.

Are we to believe that disease is an entity that waits around for a healthy person to walk by and somehow invades their body, or that disease manifests as proper function (health) disappears? No different than darkness manifesting as light disappears. Darkness is the absence of light. Disease is the absence of health.

Health is a state in which all the cells of the body, all 50 trillion, are working in harmony. The cells are interacting with each other, carrying out the processes for life, communicating under the control of the brain and nerve system. Even outside the body we discuss the principles of health in the same way. “Our relationship is healthy, we communicate and work for the betterment of ourselves and each other.” Or “The office environment is healthy, everyone strives to excel and appreciates each other’s role”.


Your Body is a Self-Healing Organism

You might ask, “How can it be that simple?”

The answer lies in the fact that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism and, as such, has the ability to heal itself without the use of drugs and surgery. Contrary to what most believe, healing in this context does not mean “a symptom or condition disappearing.”

Healing is the constant re-creation of new cells every second of every day for our entire life until new cells can longer be created. More importantly, it is the quality of those newly created cells that will dictate the overall health and function of your body.

Interfere with what your body needs and your new cells, as well as your health, will be less than optimal. Give your body what it requires, and over time those new cells will become a healthier YOU.


Healing is a Process, Not an Event

The missing component to understanding this process is time. Unlike an injury, a trauma, a meal, or a training session, which are all events – healing is a process. In fact, think of your health not as a “problem” to solve, but instead as an ongoing “project” to work on.

By giving your body what it needs and restoring its function to 100%, every person has the potential to be optimally well, overcome health challenges, adapt to their environment and, in short, live a full, productive and happy life.

Life By Design and chiropractic help your body and everyone’s body, be at their best.


The Brain – Body Connection

If I met you on the street and asked a simple question, “How important is your brain and nerve system to your health and life?” the answer would always be – “Vital!” Every single cell, tissue and organ in your body receives either a direct nerve supply or is under control of the central nerve system via chemical messengers produced by glands and other cells.

In short, every function within the body is regulated through the nerve system – sleep, energy, digestion, healing and repair, strength, stamina, reproduction, immune system function, concentration, focus, cognition, and millions more. What would happen if we interfere with this delicate and vital system?


Insert Chiropractic HERE

Chiropractic, as practiced in our office, is not a therapy. It is a specific strategy to restore and maintain the integrity of the nerve system in EVERYONE, from infants, children, adults, pregnant moms, to athletes and seniors, so that entire communities are able to express life at a higher level.

Proper function of this delicate and important system establishes a base of quality communication upon which integration of the other Life By Design steps can be amplified.

Maximizing this Brain – Body Connection, in addition to a health adding lifestyle, will ensure one moves towards HEALTH, GROWTH and the FULL EXPRESSION OF LIFE.

Imagine what you could do, how you could feel, how much energy you could have, how productive you could be, your quality of life and the potential impact on your children’s lives, when Chiropractic is utilized to restore and maintain the integrity of the spine and nerve system.

What is your full potential? There’s only one way to find out.

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