The Trinity Table

September 15, 2018 | By More

The Trinity Table has a new home. I am pleased to announce that our Sacred Altar is now located at The Total Nutrition Diva’s Wellness Hub. Diva Darpan Ahluwalia and her staff welcome you at the Manotick Natural Market, 1136 Tighe Street, Manotick. Phone 613-692-1484.


I will be seeing clients once again at Manotick Natural Market on Tuesdays at (10:30- 12:30) and (2:00-4:00) Appointments can be made at 613-692-1484 or email

Darpan is known as Total Nutrition Diva. Her goal is to get you back on your journey to health. She is a holistic nutritionist at her foundation. Now with the added addition of the sacred altar, Trinity Table you can combine your journey into self through the path of mind, body & spirit.

Your visit consists of two hours at Manotick Natural Market. Your first half hour is determing what is your intent for your spiritual journey. An example may be that you are awakening to your highest potential but need a mentor to guide you. Perhaps you are concerned about health, money or love issues? After your half hour interview you will relax on the Trinity Table for 1 hour. Spiritual music is played as table rotates 4 spins per minutes to help bring you into Theta. Theta is one of three brain waves you experience when you are totally relaxed before sleep and upon awakening. In this relaxing state you are open to seeing, feeling, smelling, sensing the in- between worlds.

During your Trinity Table experience either Lilly, Darpan or Sasha Dawn will be facilitating a spiritual reading from your higher self, your spirit guides & angels. If you have questions about an event in the future Lilly will look into your astrology chart to help with your decisions. You have free-will but sometimes a wee bit of understanding of your fate vis destiny allows you to make better, self-empowering decisions.

First in Canada, the Trinity Table* is a simple concept which utilizes passive motion, providing a gentle rocking and slow rotation. These movements have been proven scientifically to aid in deepening relaxation enabling a person to attain Alpha, Theta and even Delta states of relaxation. This experiential medium aids in producing an enhanced environment for spiritual facilitation and awareness giving the user a greater sense of connectedness by expanding consciousness of oneself and opening to the spiritual world. When energy is unobstructed, intuition grows, vision expands and healing potential is heightened enabling the user to release fears, anger, unhealed wounds, judgements, unresolved hurts from this life and past lives, consequently evoking a heightened sense of well-being.

Arch Angel Uriel, Guardian of this sacred Altar, the trinity table.

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