The Sweet Surrender Path

May 22, 2018 | By More

by Sonja A. Muller

The love of God is given to those who know the truth and it is revealed that anyone can know the truth and this is what truth is.

Truth is the love we have for anyone who comes to us to be forgiven and is a person who is living in the Lord’s love.  Anyone who is forgiven is given the love of God and this is what forgiveness is.  Forgiveness is the love we give to ourselves and it is not shared and it is not given to another.  The love is given to myself first to know myself to know one truth.

I am forgiven by myself and I am loved by myself and I am the love of myself and the love of myself is immeasurable.  The love is immeasurable and it is not chosen by me to know this love.  It is given to me by God.  God gives this love to those chosen to know Him and He grants this love to those who are chosen to know and it’s now revealed as love by anyone.  So it’s love by anyone of anyone who can receive the love.  The one who receives can be chosen to know love.  So it is the love chosen by God to be revealed among men who love and this is the Lord’s love.  The Lord’s love is beautiful to behold and it is love when we are beautiful and we are beautiful when we are allowed to love the Lord.  The Lord allows this by His chosen works of faith.  The faith is happiness.  This faith is happiness and the faith is peacefulness.  The faith is peacefulness and it is happiness when our love is the only thing we have been given that is our hope.  Our hope is in God.  God is hope for love that comforts men.  This hope is our belief.  It is our belief in men.

In men we believe and in God we trust.  Amen.

Sonja A. Muller

The Path of Sweet Surrender copywrite 2018

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