The Road

March 18, 2018 | By More

by Rachelle Lamb

The road will break your heart 
one moment exhilarating 
the next moment devastating 
but always generous either way
and free from prejudice

To cultivate a taste for all of it 
to craft beauty from wreckage 
to recognize that it too 
must have its season 
and become the compost 
of what’s to come 
No one in their right mind

chooses THAT!  
But we are all chosen
and a small few of right mind
feeling the approaching tide 
and what it whispers
will undo themselves
before being forced undone

Naked on the human road 
and still in love with life and mystery 
knowing less and less each day 
a songbird now having landed 
and built a nest in their heart

Crafting beauty from wreckage is indeed a skill. I have found, when working with most folks, that the aversion to things not going well or according to plan can be the source of an insidious rigidity that doesn’t grant room for the compassion that might otherwise take root in the fertile soil of loss when we finally surrender to how things really are. The battle to keep what no longer works afloat is itself a violence to the soul as well as a violence to the horizon of possibility that recedes from us as we insist on our right answers .. and this fixedness reveals itself in how we speak to ourselves and with each other. Might we learn to bring our speech to the terrain of wonder and uncertainty as if life might depend on it

Rachelle Lamb is a communication coach (NVC) and writer. She lives in Victoria BC. Learn more:

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