The Reclamation of The Divine Feminine

May 22, 2018 | By More

A Journey From The Sacrificial Self to The Fully Expressed Self


By Ann Jarvis of The Nourished Soul

We know when we’ve hit that point.  That point in life where we say to ourselves, I’m not the person who I intended to be.  Something needs to change.

In fact, you haven’t made a single wrong turn (it’s not possible) and you’ve gotten to this place by Divine Design.  But now you’re hearing the call.  And the call is asking you to reclaim the self that you knew once a long, long time ago but, for various reasons, got lost along the way.

How do we know we’re in that place?  That place that is calling us to look inside, get really honest with ourselves, shed the old skin and walk the walk of our original blueprint.

You feel unsettled.  Something feels like it’s missing.  There is a longing to use your voice again in honest ways.  You might recognize that you have players in your life that no longer fit.   Your health feels shaky and nothing seems to be making it better.  You’re carrying weight that you just can’t lose.  You feel like if something doesn’t change, you’ll break.

All of these experiences are calls from your Divine Feminine Soul to come back to YOU.

But we say to ourselves…people expect me to be a certain way.  My culture expects me to tow a certain line.  My family knows me as the selfless one that gives and gives and gives. 

But what if these outside influences that have colluded with each other no longer make sense for you?  What if you being the ‘quiet giver’ no longer works for YOU?  What if stifling your truth is now hurting you?  What if no longer loving YOU first is tearing you down?

The time has come on this planet for unabashed self-honesty.  The time has come to take those tenants within the self that have always been there and to EXPRESS them.  The time has come to step into your Divine birthright of soft, truthful, loving femininity.  After all, that’s why we’re here.  We’re expressions of our Divine selves.  We get to use our voices, hug our children, shout, get mad, cry, laugh, squeal in delight and kiss.

When we hold back the authentic expression of our Divine Feminine, our bodies feel it, know it and wear it in painful ways.  And when the scales become tipped too far in one direction, our bodies can break down.  Women are particularly susceptible to autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, cancer, thyroid issues and adrenal burnout, when we turn away from ourselves to serve some outdated cultural ‘norm.’

These afflictions tend to hit women harder because we’re still juggling old, outdated sentiments that it is better to abdicate, give without checks and balances, keep our mouths shut and sacrifice.  That makes us ‘good girls.’  We hold ourselves back at work, in our friendship, in our marriages, in the bedroom, and even with ourselves.  And to what end?

When we stop adhering to a world that screams, we must look this way, and we must parent this way, and we must walk this way and talk this way, we leave our true selves behind.  The truth of YOU is the most beautiful version of you.  And it’s waiting.

Now is the time to step up, step in and reclaim yourSELF.  The time has come to make this world a better place for both women AND men by standing in your divine feminine and letting the world finally see the real you.

Your health depends on it.  Your joy depends on it.  The world is depending on it.

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