The Raja of the Open Door

July 27, 2018 | By More

A door opens. It stays open for the duration of the time it is acknowledged.  This means that you may have the door close as an object of desire.  This too is welcomed.  The object of desire must become known to the “observer”.  This is he who observes reality.  The door closes.  This is how we are when we dismiss something or wish to block an object.  This may also be called “closing the third eye”.  It is an attribute of the sensing of this sphere.  Therein the individual may become a wave of the vibratory impulse given him.

He is able to contribute to the casual influence which surrounds him, in a positive, affirmative manner.  These attributes are what men in the Western world call “visions” or the ability to see, or “energy vortexes”.  The Eastern learns that he/she is abiding in the self as the process of becoming and this is called “self-realization process”.  The man or woman who is involved in this way of becoming is the master of changing form.  This is the way of change, or the way of purification.  In this way, men/women see what others do not.  This is called truth of awareness.

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