The Power of Transformation and Healing through Family Constellation

November 9, 2019 | By More

By Lynne Cardinal

Have you ever participated in a Family Constellation Workshop? Ester Diana Martinez is coming back to Ottawa this December for her 4th workshop here. Trust me, it is a very unique and amazing experience. Through these workshops, I have seen people get insights into their own personal dilemmas after years of struggling with them. From there a new paradigm can finally take place, a fresh new perspective based on wisdom, compassion and greater freedom. We all come to see that unconsciously – or consciously sometimes – we carry the frustrations of our parents, their fears and issues, and we just may be repeating their difficult relationship patterns. We are also influenced by our family further down the line, such as grandparents, uncles, etc. We do inherit not just physical patterns through our DNA, but also residues of traumas held in our family line. These workshops can help a new life course begin. The result can be life-changing. It is a deep and emotional experience, and it opens us to new possibilities.

In Ester’s workshop, you will:

Learn how to identify the traumatic events and unconscious loyalties that can affect your health, relationships and success

Learn practices, visualizations, healing sentences and other tools that can help you disentangle from the cycle of generational suffering

Learn how to start breaking long-standing patterns of illness, depression, anxiety, fear and unhappiness

Based on the work of German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger this workshop allows us to restore our connections and a sense of belonging to ourselves, our families, and our communities. Held at St Paul University, we will be in a supportive and comfortable environment.  

Ester is extremely skilled. As a psychotherapist and constellation facilitator, she holds a BA in International Relations, an MA in Humanities and a PhD in Philosophy and Ethics. She studied with Bert Hellinger for 10 years!  She has also trained in other transformational modalities including Gestalt group work, Somatic body/mind work and Craniosacral and Body Therapy based on the Françoise Mezieres method.

Ester has studied Zen Meditation with Roshi Kiunan Ana Maria Schluter for over 20 years and actively practices Zazen. She has been working for the past 6 years as an assistant of a contemporary spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl, in addition to leading workshops, presenting at international conferences and working with individuals, teams and team leaders as a psychotherapist and an executive coach.

Family Constellation is a profound modality for emotional, and at times physical healing, enhancing relationships with ourselves, our families, friends and the world.

Join us on Saturday, December 7th & Sunday, December 8th 2019 at St Paul University.

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