The Power of Śacī

December 14, 2018 | By More

By Ivy Xie-McIsaac, E-RYT200, YACEP

Learning a new language is a good exercise for the mind, like learning Chinese or Sanskrit. The Sanskrit word Śacī means speech, eloquence. 

We all know the power of speech. Politicians attain positions through lectures regardless of virtue. A product is sold relying on how much money you put into advertising and how skillful the product is packaged. For most people they follow the trends. And a lie repeated ten thousand times becomes truth or common sense. 

Even Yoga itself has become a sacrifice of marketing and packaging instead of looking at its essence. Common sense is covered by so called intelligence which makes us forget what Yoga means, what Yoga is for. It has become a posture show. Yin Yoga is planted deep at the root of Yoga – knowledge, which corresponds to the 7th Chakra – Crown Chakra, the tool for emancipation.

With the isolated high altitude environment, the blue sky, the fresh air and reverence for nature, the essences of Yoga are well preserved on the Tibet Plateau. It is a place closest to heaven. In Tibet, the temple is a place for spiritual study. Monks use debate to understand spiritual texts. And the honorary title Dalai Lama, literally means “teacher whose wisdom is as great as the ocean”.

In the story of The Blind Men and an Elephant, just by touching the elephant, all the blind men believe they know what the elephant is like. Debate helps to awakening consciousness (Caitanya) and leads us to see a bigger picture. 

In most languages the individual written characters represent sounds rather than concepts. Chinese is logographic; a written character is a drawing of the object. For example, the original character  (water) is . Even if we don’t know the pronunciation, we can guess it is water. By seeing we know. Learning a new language improves the capability of the mind, keeps the mind active and stimulates new areas of the brain. Also, helps to open the mind while we understand more about different cultures. 

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