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August 8, 2019 | By More

It’s always easiest to be grateful for things when life is going your way. You’ve finally gotten off the roller coaster ride of having to deal with floods or tornadoes. Or an employment opportunity has presented itself and you can breathe better financially. It is always easiest to be grateful when things are going your way or after they have gone away.

Yet you know that sooner or later, something else will come to challenge you and that you’ll have to put your shoulder to the plough and you will have to deal with things beyond what you feel are fair or beyond your ability. Yet, you do it and surmount the obstacle one way or another. This is the wheel of Life at work.

There is a universal teaching that states that practicing gratitude moves things along faster – even when there seems to be no reason to be grateful, you offer thanks anyway.

Thoughts are things and they have power. If you curse or complain or criticize or judge – those thoughts don’t have wings to take you higher they have weights that drag you down and anyone who will sympathize with you.

Thoughts of thanks to the Universe for an opportunity to see that you can handle a lot more than you thought – these kinds of thoughts have wings and make work lighter – for you and those who sympathize with you. The next step is asking Spirit to help you figure things out, engaging the Sacredness of Life as a partner.

Gratitude, asking for divine intervention and genuine laughter, are great, powerful blessings, because, for a brief moment, we forget to take ourselves too seriously. They remind us that Life is on our side and our Soul is hard at work to show us that Spirit is what helps us overcome. It teaches us that we are a Sacred Being having a human experience. Do you ever wonder what these things mean?

 I hope this summer, that as things go your way on a sunny day, you will also be grateful for the rainy days. Hopefully they will not outnumber the sunny, warm ones!

Learning to think outside the box reveals to you that all your answers lie within you and can be found with just a simple nudge or two. Do you know how to think outside the box and how to apply Universal Laws? If you want to learn how, I can help you with that. (Summer July/August special: $25 for a 1.5 hour session.)

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