The Path to Prosperity

November 14, 2017 | By More

(By Rev. Roxanne Buckle, Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa)

When we use the term prosperity in Unity, we mean spiritual well-being that manifests as harmonious relationships, radiant health, creative expression and the time and money to do and give what we deeply desire.  Who doesn’t want more of this?  The key is learning how to manifest these heartfelt desires.  This success starts with the universal spiritual law that life is consciousness. In other words, life is truly lived from within-out which means that everything we experience is determined by our beliefs, our perspectives and the thoughts and feelings we hold in mind.  In Unity, we call this the law of Mind Action. It explains why SOME people who seem to have so little in the way of material possessions can be so happy, while SOME who seem to have so much can be just miserable.  In other words, what is going on outside of us in terms of the health of our relationships, finances or bodies is the actual outpicturing of what is going on inside of us.

Long before the field of quantum physics was revealed, Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore described an energetic field which he termed ‘Spiritual Substance’.  It is everywhere present, pervades all things, and inspires us to action.  It underlies all manifestation and as the Spiritual essence, it is the living energy out of which everything is made.  Since life is consciousness, this means everything is created twice, first in mind, then in manifestation.  It is our relationship with this realm of Spiritual Substance that determines our physical manifestation.  Faith is the spiritual capacity by which we form and shape this ever-present element of Spirit-Substance. It’s our job as spiritual beings having a human experience to keep centred in holding an awareness of all pervasive substance, this divine power.  Our work is to keep the flow open.  Just as we tap into the energy source in a room by turning on the light, we too have access to the flow of Spiritual Substance…through practices like meditation, affirmative prayer, gratitude, forgiveness and affirmations. We can embody the Divine ideas present in Spiritual Substance and powerfully transform our lives.

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