The Key to Healing Abandonment

May 18, 2019 | By More

by Amâeil, Energy Psychotherapy and Ascension Healing

Abandonment is a painful wound, whether you experienced it as a child, or re-experience the pattern later in life. Feeling mistrust of others, uncertainty that someone will be ‘there’ for you when you need them, or a sense that you’re unworthy of having your needs met, fosters hurt, disappointment and fear.

To keep looking for reassurance from others results in more pain, and yet this is often what people do. There’s a yearning for acknowledgment, and needs turn into neediness. You compromise your boundaries and tolerate a lot in return for a sense of security, to the degree that you abandon what is true for you and your own needs. 

Ultimately, healing abandonment comes from facing your worst fear of feeling alone and powerless, and learning to support yourself:

* If you feel that someone is not responding to your needs as you would like, turn inward toward the awareness of your own feelings so that you can tend to them with loving care. This is what your inner child has been needing. Be willing to listen to his/her emotions, and hold steady in your own power. Fulfill your own needs accordingly.

* If your tendency is to almost automatically look to others for opinions, support, or distraction, take some time to be with yourself first and look to your own company or inner wisdom. Each occasion that you do this cultivates self-trust and self-reliance, and fortifies your authentic power.

* If you feel rejected, don’t take it personally. Recognize that another’s behaviour is a reflection of their wounds. Instead, reassure your own inner child that s/he is okay no matter what has transpired. Deepen your bond with lovingkindness and acceptance of him/her. 

Take the time to know your inner child, and be his/her loving God-Parent.  You need not feel powerless anymore. This is the love you’ve wanted all along. This is your freedom!

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