The “I AM” Activity of Saint Germain Foundation

January 10, 2019 | By More

This article offers an introduction to the “I AM” Activity to the interested seeker of the Light. It explains the purpose, goals and patriotic Activity. This instruction was given to us by the Blessed Ascended Master Saint German through His Messengers, our Beloved Mr. and Mrs. Ballard. It is presented to mankind under the auspices of Saint Germain Foundation, a not-for-profit Illinois corporation, founded in 1934 by Mr. and Mrs. Ballard.

The “I AM” Ascended Master Instruction is the True Education of Life and the spiritual Illumination of the people. It is brought forth in the interest of the public good. This understanding of the Great Creative World of Life, “I AM” is the great God power which created this planet and is the Eternal Law Of Life. It is the balance between religion and education. When one is educated in the Ascended Masters’ Truth of the “I AM,” he or she knows that to worship Perfection is the highest Education of Life. 

The Truth of Life is that in all universe there is but one God—The “I AM”—God in Action; and that every person on Earth has an Individualized Flame of God anchored within his or her Heart. Not only does everyone have a Divine spark of the “I am” within, but above each human form is an Individualized Presence of God— dwelling in a Spiritual Body of electronic light-substance. This individualized “Mighty I AM Presence” is each one’s own direct Source of Life and all good from the Godhead, with which It is One. 

The Purpose of the Ascended Masters “I AM” Activity is to give help from Their Octave of Life. Mankind must have Their Help at this time to stand against the onrush of world destruction; because no outer activity in the world today can solve the world’s problems nor stop the destruction which human beings are releasing against each other. the goal is to protect all that is constructive in the world; to maintain the God Ideals by worshipping God in the highest and most powerful way possible; and to bring forth in the Fulfillment of the God Plan for America and all God-loving nations of the world. 

This Activity is free to all, for the Ascended Masters give all as a glad-free Gift of Love. They ask nothing in return but obedience and to one’s own Divine Self, loving, cooperation, honesty and sincerity. Submitted by the Saint Germain Foundation, Ottawa. 613-834-8896. 

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