The Healing Trees

April 23, 2018 | By More

After 38 years of research and experience with the edible and herbal qualities of the Native Trees of the Upper Ottawa Valley, Robbie Anderman, of Killaloe has gifted us with The Healing Trees book. Full of useful information about nearly all parts of over 30 local Trees, the emphasis is on helping one develop a healthy relationship in one’s mind and heart with the consciousness of The Tall Standing Rooted Ones.

Topics like “Trees and Vitamin C” are presented starting in 1535 with Cartier’s crew being cured of scurvy with the help of an Evergreen Tree given to them by Indigenous people near Montreal.  During WW2, the Canadian government found that local Evergreens far exceed all citrus fruits in available content of this vital nutrient, especially in winter.

The chapter, “Forest First Aid” “is for those who cannot easily get to a doctor or pharmacy while living in, or venturing into the forest.  When a malady or injury occurs, our neighbours, the Trees, can often help us, if we ask; and if we know whom to ask and for what.

Other chapters address Herbalism and Herbal Methods, Harvesting and Storing Tree Parts, and Edibles from Trees by the Season.

In a region where the commonly used herbs are not available for gathering for nearly half the year, it makes sense to see beyond the firewood, lumber, paper pulp, etc to the other qualities of Trees our ancestors knew and utilized in their daily lives. Providentially, the bark, twigs, buds, resins and Evergreen needles of Trees are available all winter in the Northeastern Woodlands.

People have always been relating intimately with Nature and Trees for healing minds and bodies. The Healing Trees book offers a new introduction for those who have forgotten their vital connection.

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