The Healing Power of Family/Systemic Constellations with Applied Mystical Principles

September 20, 2017 | By More

Dearest Friends,

I am writing you as a friend of the community. Last year Diana Martinez came to Ottawa for a weekend presentation on Family Constellations with Applied Mystical Principles. By popular demand we invited her back this year. This exceptional workshop helps us expand our understanding of the nature of transformation, access deeper healing and practice subtle competencies. We will also be able to experience the trans-generational effects of our parents and ancestors in our lives and how to heal patterns they generate, creating blockages in our lives. This modality is one of the most effective and profound ways that I know to help us heal physically and emotionally and to enhance our relationships with the world.

Diana studied closely with Bert Hellinger for over 10 years. Hellinger is a popular German psychotherapist who was able to develop a powerful technique to recover the order of love and our need to belong  in ourselves and in our family and community.

This workshop will apply Mystical Principles with the main revelations of Bert Hellinger’s “Orders of Love” as a path of awakening into wholeness. Family Constellations help heal:


Family entanglements

Work issues

Conflicts (inner and outer)

Professional success

Loneliness (need to belong)

Separation or divorce (self or family)

Sadness, unhappiness, lack of fulfillment

Historical events that have impacted you or your family

Loss of motivation

and more

I hope to see many of you there on October 28th and 29th at St Paul University.

Lynne Cardinal 

For more information and to register contact Maya at:  or  contact me at 

Diana Martinez is a psychotherapist with 14 years of experience working with individuals and groups. She has trained in multiple transformational disciplines including Gestalt group work, Family Constellations, studying directly with Bert Hellinger, Somatic body/mind work and Craniosacral & Body therapy based on the method developed by Francoise Mezieres. Diana holds a BA in International Relations, an MA in Humanities and a PhD in Philosophy and Ethics. She has studied Zen Meditation with Roshi Kiunan and Ana Maria Schlüter for the past 17 years and actively practices Zazen. For the past five years, Diana has been working with Thomas Hübl, a contemporary spiritual teacher. She has studied with Bert Hellinger for 10 years. Diana is a pioneer in the integration of Mystical Principles with Family Constellations as a means for deep personal and collective transformation.

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