The Ego’s Defense of Feeling Unsafe

April 19, 2018 | By More

by Amâeil
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

There are many different ego defenses that keep us from embracing our highest expression. One that is most common is “feeling unsafe”.

Feeling unsafe manifests in varied ways. We mistrust others and avoid emotional intimacy. We can push people away to pre-empt being hurt again, and even isolate. We may prefer to control life with a rigid routine. We may be demanding, hypervigilant, or hypersensitive. We can feel confused, edgy or hold body tension.

We can feel unsafe for countless reasons. Perhaps our childhood home felt unstable because Dad would explode in unexpected rages, or there was never enough money for our basic needs. Abrupt immersion into a new school was overwhelming. Becoming lost as a child, witnessing an accident, suddenly losing a parent, being frequently ill, or abused, and more, can all create feelings of insecurity and uncertainty, and remain so if the impact remains unhealed.

Our collective and personal timelines hold plenty of trauma. As we spiritually evolve into higher dimensions of consciousness, our memories can return, or we can feel triggered without having a conscious context. Experiencing horrific scenes, being persecuted for knowing truth, feeling abandoned by God, alien abduction, or cataclysmic planetary explosions can be the cause.

Healing the origin of any trauma reclaims a sense of safety. Yet, there is one tool you can immediately access. While breathing deeply into the belly, become fully aware of what you are noticing with each of your five senses. This ‘now’ consciousness pulls you out of fearful, future thoughts or past pain, and reprograms the autonomic nervous system that took over when you were under threat. If you do this often, it can calm and help you feel safe again. Also engaging the senses this way as you recall safe, joyful or comforting memories can restore your resilience.

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