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November 22, 2019 | By More

How do we come home?  To ourselves, to our own power, to our own greatness?  How do we learn to own (and love) all that is within ourselves?  How do we stay on track with our lives in spite of the unexpected always bitting at our heels? 

For me, my tools include Groundedness, Trust, Belief and Connection to my own creativity. Connection to others, in a deep, meaningful way. Connection to something greater (be it a tree, a rock, a god or goddess, an angel, a wise ancestor or Mother Earth).

Truth be told, I lean heavily on Mother Earth. Sometimes it is she who carries me. Other times, it is a kind word from a wise friend or mentor. Sometimes it is my own inner wisdom that finally decides to rise to the surface and be heard.

As an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner I would like to talk about the importance of groundedness. The trees get it. They understand that without their roots being deeply embedded and nourished by the soil’s gifts there would be no life. As humans, we are the same.

Energetically speaking, did you know that for women, the energy of our body comes from the earth? For men, it comes from above.

For we females, our new fresh energy enters through our feet.  Hence the need to open these channels to recharge, stabilize and ground. Below are three easy ways to encourage groundedness.

#1 Take off shoes and socks and walk barefoot on grass.

#2 Find a stainless steel spoon (it must be a stainless steel spoon or this will not work) and with it draw figure 8s on the bottom of your feet.  

#3 Stretch your feet by massaging them with your hands.  Twist them.  With gentle pressure, rub every nook and cranny of these precious extremeties.  Pull the energy off the toes and in between the webbing of the toes.  Now go outside (while we still can without freezing our feet off) and walk barefoot, soaking in earth’s nourishment. 

About feet:  Did you know that each foot has 26 bones?  And that there are more bones in your hands and feet than in the rest of your body?  And there are six meridians (lines of energy) that run through each hand and an additional 6 meridians that run through each foot.

Three of the meridians that run through our feet are “grounding” meridians. What does that mean?  These meridians return to Earth our excess energy.  Today, many of us suffer from “excess” energy.

Ideally a body sucks up energy (through the feet) to the top of the head and then melds with “sky” energy, and then returns to earth. This simple looping of energy, if working efficiently, allows us to metabolize and balance how we deal with those out-of-left-field happenings that grace our lives. 

Grounding is not only our life force, it is an essential need.

Within the work I do in my Creativity Mentorship Programme, my Eden Energy work focusses primarily helping the spirit of an individual to regain its momentum.  What ignites your spirit?  How do you stay connected to that spark?  For each of us the pathway is unique.  Yet, I believe, each one has a special gift to give to the world.  I simply help you on the path to find yours. Being grounded is part of our way home. 

Helene Anne Fortin is a creative.  Her portrait studio is located in Wakefield Quebec where she loves to capture the spirit of her clients on film.  View that work at:  She equally loves to help empower others through her Eden Energy work, of which she is certified practitioner.  View that work at: or simply call: 819 459.2161.

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