Thai Massage: A Buffet For The Mind and Body

September 16, 2018 | By More

Physical pain can be the result of emotional suffering. Chronic physical pain is often linked not only to injuries, but also to emotional stress, trauma, and depression. In fact, emotional suffering can aggravate physical pain that affects different areas of the body and also impair one’s thinking and spirit. Many people are already familiar with the fact that emotional stress can lead to stomachaches, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, back pain, and neck pain.

Problems with our neck, shoulder, back, and hips cause major imbalances to our whole being; these areas are related to our nervous system. Our bodies carry these burdens, whilst it needs the infusion of chakras (energy Junctions, energy Reserves).

When we find ourselves in stressful and difficult situations and we feel “unsafe” or “fearful”; we usually experience uncomfortable physical pain like stomach problems, heartburn, cramps, and breathlessness. These bodily ailments block our energy, our life force, or Prana.

When people experience traumatic events and pain, the nervous system goes into survival mode. In this state, it’s hard to return to a normal or stable state of mind.

There’s a constant release of stress hormones like cortisol, which affects blood pressure. At this point, our immune system is weakened and we have less ability to handle the correlation between physical and emotional stress.

Let’s find the answers for dealing with the adverse intersection between the emotional and the physical arising from these conditions. Changing our lifestyle is one solution. Today we’re living in a fake world. We are living in conflict with Mother Nature. We can heal naturally without medication, which can have harmful side effects. We can dedicate ourselves to a new life journey using meditation, relaxation techniques, and natural remedies. Yoga, massage and a plant-based diet are all part of this journey. Consuming an acidic diet creates inflammation in the body. Thus, alkaline diets can make a big difference.

Thai massage can help address these personal conflicts. This Ancient healing art can do wonders. It goes back thousands of years. A skilled Thai massage practitioner is a healer who facilitates the release of physical and emotional anxiety. Thai massage done with a skilled, intuitive, passionate practitioner can produce amazing healing results.

Thai massage is very different from western massage modalities. It adopts a flexible approach; it’s done fully dressed in relaxed attire without oil, It can be done publicly or outdoors, in a supportive environment.

Thai massage is known for providing gentle assisted passive yoga stretches. This healing art, however, is way more than that. Experienced, skilled and passionate practitioners will fill your world with many elements like,

• Massage ( Kneading, Pressing, Squeezing)

• Yoga (Stretches and Tractions)

• Acupressure (Use of Energy Channels)

• Chiropractic (Spinal twist techniques produced releases, which are similar to Chiropractic releases, with less sophistication)

• Reflexology

• Energy Channelling ( Thai massage along with concept of balancing and improving energy, life force or Prana flow in the body)

• Rocking motions (To unblock and help alignment)

• Physical Therapy (Thai massage uses many body manipulations, which are similar to the ones that are used by physical therapists to rehabilitate movement restrictions and increase of range of motion)

• Breath work ( Increase breathing capacity)

It is a buffet for the mind and body. The benefits from one session of Thai massage are multifaceted. Thai massage can help everyone; adults, kids, pregnant mothers, old people, and athletes who can get healing help for injuries and better flexibility for improved performance.

The main elements I deal with as a Thai massage practitioner are sensitivity, feeling, intuition, love, and compassion; becoming not just a Thai massage practitioner but a Thai massage healer and a Thai massage artist.

Lushan Silva,

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