Synthesizing Fears of Abandonment & Engulfment in Relationship

September 16, 2019 | By More

by Amâeil, Energy Psychotherapy and Ascension Healing

Opposites attract. While this can be very complementary and balancing in intimate relationships, it can also be very challenging while the pain body is healing. This means that two people can come together with gifts to build great synergy, but what can stand in the way of that creativity are opposing core fears: fear of abandonment and fear of engulfment. 

The way you’re responding to your partner or spouse overall is telling. The core energy signature to fear of abandonment is “please stay with me”, and if this is you, you will always want more of your partner. Whereas the core feeling with fear of engulfment is “let me be”, with a desire for less time together. Remember that these fears don’t have to be debilitating to affect how you relate. (See my previous articles: The Key to Healing Abandonment & When Togetherness is Too Much)

This combination of fears can create a lot of tugging and repelling between two people. However, the higher purpose for this combination of forces is to learn harmony and balance, individually within yourself, and together. If you fear abandonment you can learn from your partner and spend more time with yourself. If you fear being smothered, you can learn to give a little more of yourself. Having the awareness of these core patterns can alleviate constantly being at odds with one another, or feeling personally offended by your partner. Instead, you learn to support each other through the healing of your fears. Acknowledging that you each have these fears is the first step. 

When you willingly and consciously address your core fears together as your discomforts arise there is a potential to bring healing love to your opposing energies and create synthesis. Fears are neutralized and harmony is nurtured. And that’s what you came here for – to be unity!

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