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May 18, 2019 | By More

Hay House graciously offered me the opportunity to listen to a free seven-part documentary on “The Truth About Cancer” by the Bollingers. Once a day interviews by leading medical doctors specializing in cancer treatment appeared in my mailbox. 

The bottom line is that cancer is not a death sentence. We need to understand that cancer incubates for a minimum of ten years before it can be detected.  So the recommendation from all of these medical doctors from the Orient is why not consider a wellness plan to life? (The Bollingers have a website, the truth about cancer and books that you can explore.)

I do not give an opinion about cancer treatment yet there is one subject where I can assist in healing. These doctors put their clients through what they called emotional detox and story healing as part of their service. These are two components that are crucial to explore in any serious health issue. It’s not only about treating the physical symptoms but treating the individual as a whole.

In my shamanic reflexology practice, I have developed a healing approach unique to me. It involves emotional detox and story healing. 

I worked with a woman, I’ll call her Jane, who had an advanced, aggressive cancer. Her friends asked her to see me. She was also doing acupuncture. I saw her twice and asked she continue acupuncture.

She went through standard medical treatments and continued acupuncture. She defeated all odds and after several months, was declared cancer free. The family went on a holiday and when they came back, the doctor whom she trusted, recommended she start taking a particular pill in case the cancer came back. Within a short time, she passed away from the side effects of this pill. Her immune system was too weak to fight it.

Her husband called me to let me know of her passing. He wanted me to know that of all the people his wife had seen, and he didn’t know what I had said or done, whatever happened between us, ended up being the most effective and most helpful. She passed away peacefully in his arms.

A little while later, I had a vivid, lucid dream where Jane was shaking me awake – all she kept on saying was “You have to tell them, they don’t know”. She never told me what that was. Yet through understanding the complexity of illness, it has been proven in the Orient that energy work is beneficial – especially when it comes to emotional detox and a spiritual practice. This is what we, in the Western world, have not yet connected to enough. 

They claim that everything starts in the mind and that our traumatic stories need to be heard and energetically healed. 

In June, I will host a story-healing workshop “for women only” called “Footprints in the Sand”. We will explore the energetic subtle body, emotional detox, and suggestions for a wellness plan you can implement for you and your family. Watch for details in next month’s Tone and visit my website at

If you want to meet with me before then, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Diane Oliver

Energy Medicine Woman


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