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March 5, 2018 | By More

Question: How can we find true meaning and fulfillment in our lives?

SRI CHINMOY:  Let us try to know ourselves. Let us try to observe what we truly are. Often in our day-to-day existence, we feel that we have nowhere to go, nothing to achieve and nothing to give. But what we truly are is totally different from what we feel. We are all God’s children. At each moment, God is pouring into us something divine and something truthful. He expects much from us, but nothing beyond our capacity. He knows what we can consciously offer to Him. We may feel that we are weak, unimportant and useless. But in God’s eyes, we are divine, we are fruitful, we are infinite.

We are making a most deplorable mistake when we feel that there is nothing beyond the physical or, at the same time, nothing in the physical. To discover our true Self, either we have to go deep inside the inmost recesses of our heart, or we have to go beyond the body, beyond the physical consciousness. Mere preaching will not do; book study will not do. If we go beyond our body, beyond our physical consciousness, we see infinite peace, joy, bliss and power all eagerly waiting for us.

We know that there is something that we call the soul. When we go deep within, we see and feel the soul. The soul is the representative of God here on earth, a spark of God. He is in the soul and with the soul, guiding it constantly. A human being can never be separated from God. God is playing His divine Game and at each moment He is revealing Himself in and through us. God has a particular divine mission to fulfill through your unique soul. To fulfill this mission, He will utilize your soul and no other as His chosen instrument.

If we can be in tune with the constant, spontaneous music of the soul, our lives will be free from suffering, misery, frustration, fear and worry. Our lives will be a constant success, a constant achievement and a constant spontaneous experience of inner and outer fulfilment.


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