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November 9, 2017 | By More

Question: What does it mean to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth?

SRI CHINMOY: First, we have to know what we mean by Heaven. Heaven is a plane of divine Consciousness. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us. It is our own inner achievement—our aspiration, our mounting inner cry—that leads us to this Kingdom of Heaven. We feel it when we reside deep within ourselves and when we transcend our egocentric individual consciousness. Heaven is where you get joy, peace, love and harmony in boundless measure. This is what we mean when we use the term ‘Heaven’. Heaven is inside your soul. Where is your soul? Your soul is inside your heart.

Each time we do something good, we are creating a divine atmosphere around us. If each and every one can offer good thoughts to the world, the atmosphere becomes divinely pure; it increases its divinity. But our very nature is to see the negative side and feed the negative side in our life. Always we are dividing everything with our desire-mind. But when we use our heart, today we are uniting and tomorrow we are expanding our limited self. If we do not unite, we cannot expand. Division is not satisfaction, but in union we become satisfied.

We have to start right from the beginning to have good thoughts. As soon as we see someone, we have to think of seeing that person with good thoughts. Not only that, but right from the morning we have to think of ourselves as good human beings. When you get up in the morning, forget about yesterday. If yesterday you did something wrong, forget about it. If you did something good yesterday, then immediately do something better. Always we have to look within to see whether we can build something divine, illumining and fulfilling. If we see that we could not do it in the morning or in the afternoon, let us try in the evening.

When we have these ideas in our mind, in our waking consciousness, then we are bound to make the fastest progress towards creating Heaven inside ourselves, towards manifesting Divinity here on earth.

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