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Question: How can I develop more will-power?

SRI CHINMOY:  Very often when we think of will-power, we think of it as being inside our head. We never think of will-power in the heart. But it is not true that will-power is inside the head. The easiest and most effective way to cultivate will-power is to concentrate on the heart. For inside the heart is the soul, and the soul’s light is will-power, real will-power.

Each individual has a certain amount of will-power, but will-power can also be cultivated. The best way to develop will-power is through union with God’s Will. Daily there may be many unpleasant happenings in your life. If you can accept them cheerfully, then you can increase your will-power. As well, you can increase your will-power by not being affected by the results of your actions. If something takes place, always try to see the positive side of the story.

The easiest way to use will-power is to take the positive approach. Use will-power to do something positive, not just to keep yourself from doing something negative. For instance, if we say, “I shall not tell a lie,” that is important. But if we say, “I shall tell the truth,” that use of our will-power is more effective.

Will-power can also be used during meditation. Use your physical will-power to keep your body positioned in one place; use your vital will-power to expand yourself to include each and every one in the whole world; use your mental will-power to not allow any thought to enter your mind; and use your psychic will-power to feel inseparably one with the rest of the world.

When we try to pay all attention to the positive aspects of life, we can muster courage, strength and will-power in infinite measure. Will-power can easily destroy our bad thoughts and negate the wrong forces in us. With will-power also we can increase the power of our good thoughts and increase our good qualities. If we always have positive feelings, and make positive assertions, then automatically our will-power increases. If we use our will-power properly, we can perform miracle after miracle in our lives.

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