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May 8, 2019 | By More

Question: Should we always speak the truth or is it sometimes better to remain silent?

SRI CHINMOY:  We have to know whether by telling the truth we are awakening the divine consciousness in others or creating more hostility in them. Sometimes we tell the truth just in order to say, “I know the truth and you should also know the truth.” But by telling others the truth with that attitude, we are not doing them any good. They will simply be hurt and become hostile towards us. So let us be very careful to remember that often the world is not ready to listen to the truth and accept the truth. The world is ready only to hear appreciation or flattery from us, even if it does not deserve it.

We may think that by remaining silent we are simply not antagonising anybody. But our very silence, if it is divine silence, emanates inner divinity. If we truly live in silence, in purest silence, then automatically love and inner joy grow within us. And this inner divinity enters into those who are around us. Then they will really love us, for unconsciously they will feel something beneficial coming from us. They may not actually know what we are offering them, but they will feel that we are giving them something solid, soulful and significant, which they need. 

God will immediately bless us if we can turn our existence into a sea of silence and free ourselves from this world of turmoil, worries and hesitation. In the sea of silence grows our true divine life. The divine life can grow in each individual only if he can have silence within and silence without. This silence is not the silence of a dead person. It will act most dynamically, most powerfully, but not in an aggressive way. While we are acting, inwardly we remain calm and poised.

Everything is done in the inner world, the soul’s world, where silence is most dynamic and most fulfilling. When we have that kind of silence, naturally God will bless us, because we have discovered the Truth and we are living the Truth.

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