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March 12, 2019 | By More

Question: How can we trust or have faith in ourselves and our abilities?

SRI CHINMOY: All human beings suffer from trust and lack of trust. One moment your mind is telling you one thing and the next moment your mind says the opposite. The same thing happens with trust. This moment you trust your capacity. Next moment you do not trust it at all.

How do we solve this problem? If we pray to God and depend on God for everything, then God gives us confidence. If we rely on God, then whatever we receive from Him will be sufficient for us. At that time, we do not have to worry. The confidence that we get from our reliance on God can never be taken away. If you are a nice person, you will not deceive your mother or father or anyone. God is infinitely nicer than we are so how can He deceive you? If you trust Him, then He will never fail you.

Your trust in God, your faith in Him, will give you confidence in yourself. You are bound to trust yourself precisely because there is Someone who loves you infinitely more than you can ever imagine, and that Person is God. If you love Him, He will give you the capacity to trust in your activities.

If you write poems, try to feel that these poems are being written by God in and through you. Feel that you are only holding the pen and writing down the words that God wants you to write. When writing poems or when you do something good, inspiring and illumining, you have to feel that it is He who has done it in and through you, according to your capacity of receptivity.

If you cannot trust God, then you will never be able to trust yourself. So trust God’s Presence from now on, if possible all the time. If you cannot do it all the time, then try to trust Him for a few minutes a day. The more your faith in God increases, the stronger will be your faith and trust in yourself.


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