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January 13, 2019 | By More

Question: What is the aim or purpose of life here on earth?

SRI CHINMOY: The aim of life is to become conscious of the Supreme Reality, God. Life is evolution unfolding from within; it is existence that comes from a deeper existence. Existence cannot come from non-existence. Life comes from God. Life is God.

The aim of life is to realise God. For this, temples, churches and synagogues are not obligatory. Neither is the tapestry of scriptures and sermons required. What is imperative is meditation. Meditation will enable you to realise God the Infinite within your soul, heart, mind and body. For God-Realisation, you also need peace. Peace is based on love: love for humanity and love for God. Peace is also based on non-attachment. No thirst for gain, no fear of loss. Lo! Peace is yours.

We are living in this world but we do not live by bread alone. We need the soul to live in the world of God’s Reality. The soul alone has the capacity to see and feel the known and the Unknown; the existent and the non-existent; dreams of the past; achievements of the present; and hopes of the future. Mistakes in our journey are inevitable, but success without endeavour is impossible. No work, no progress. Welcome experience, whether encouraging or discouraging, for we can learn nothing without it. Experience shows us the true meaning of our very existence.

The aim of life is to live a divine life. There are two lives: the inner and the outer. The outer life tries to fulfil itself by feeding desires and stimulating passions. The inner life finds fulfilment in the control of passions and the conquest of desires.

Let us accept the inner life. Let us all be truly spiritual. Let us realise God through our constant communion with Him. Time and place do not matter for meditation, so transcend them. When we go deep within, we feel that one moment cannot be separated from another, that one place cannot be separated from another. Let us live in the eternal now of God-Realisation—of God’s Dream and God’s Reality.

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