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December 11, 2018 | By More

Question: Is there truth to the growing sense that spiritual values are necessary if we want to achieve peace or even survive in the future?

SRI CHINMOY: Spiritual values are of paramount importance if we want to achieve peace for it is spirituality that consciously embodies peace, and without peace there can be no future.

Peace can be achieved only through prayer and meditation. Spirituality is not something theoretical; it is something practical. Who can be more practical than God Himself? He created the world to give Himself joy and fulfilment. Since spirituality is definitely practical, likewise, prayer and meditation are definitely practical.    

Prayer and meditation come from the heart, not from the mind. The mind is not going to give us peace. It has to get peace from somewhere else, and that place is the heart. If the world is going to change, it will have to change in the heart first. If we can regularly pray and meditate, then our heart will be in tune with God all the time and it will definitely get peace in abundant measure.

The outer peace is something that comes from the inner peace. The outer peace does not last for long, but the inner peace lasts for a very long time, or even permanently. If you can enter into the deepest world and stay there for some time during your meditation, a day will come when, in the midst of the outside world, in front of people, speaking with people, mixing with people, you will possess your own deepest Peace. This Peace remains imperturbable, unmoveable. 

I believe that all those who pray and meditate are helping people who sincerely want peace in the world. It is from our prayer and meditation that we can establish peace through the feeling of a oneness-world-home where self-giving and loving can play their full heart-role in perfect harmony. Not in the near future, but in the most distant future, peace will really take place in the world. Peace will grow in the soil of the Mother Earth.

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