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November 14, 2018 | By More

Question: What is the best way to deal with all of life’s problems?


SRI CHINMOY: True, we do have some problems; problems are everywhere. But unfortunately we multiply them into countless problems. How do we multiply our problems? There are two ways. First, we invite the past and the future to come and stay with us in the heart of today. Secondly, we try to solve all our problems in the twinkling of an eye.

Let us consider the past as a useless friend—that is to say, the unfulfilled past, the sad past, the past that has not given us what we actually wanted. And let us take the future as a perfect stranger. In terms of the past, if we know that somebody is useless, that he has not encouraged, inspired or liberated us, then let us not invite that particular friend to stay with us. Let us not invite a stranger, either. A stranger may not please us or may harm us, so let us not have faith in the future either. Let us only have faith in today. Today is our friend, our only friend.

There are two types of people: desiring people and aspiring people. A desiring person takes a problem as a shattering experience, but an aspiring person considers a problem a strengthening experience. Whenever a problem arises, a desiring person feels that this problem is going to shatter his hopes. Then he is doomed to disappointment. This disappointment gives birth to frustration. But an aspiring person sees a problem as a foundation stone. He accepts the problem as a challenge. He seeks to get a firm footing on the problem and use it as an opportunity to progress.

How do we solve our problems? We solve our problems by going deep within. These problems can be solved only when we can surrender to the light, the inner divinity within us. In each experience, the Compassion of the Highest is there to guide us and help us first to surmount the problem and then to transform it into a radiant opportunity.

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