Spirit of Nutrition

November 7, 2017 | By More

Michelle Leblanc

R.H.N, B.A. Psychology

Nutrition is important. Eating healthy food is good for us. And don’t forget to exercise, too.

But why? Why should we put effort into choosing, buying, prepping, cooking and eating whole foods that may not be as convenient, cheap or delicious as processed and ready made so-called “food”? When our days are busy enough, why should we struggle to find the time and motivation for these positive health behaviours?

Providing our body with adequate or even ample nutrients is both a foundation of and result of the quest for a meaningful life.  Robust health can get us ahead and diminished health can set us back. If we are weighed down by health issues due to poor food choices then we may not have the mental and physical energy to pursue higher level passions and growth.

Unhealthy eating habits can contribute to diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure, as well as general fatigue. Nutrients from whole foods supports us mentally and physically. This leads to our ability to find a path to heal our heart’s pain and to pursue our heart’s desire. Eating well is a foundation for healing and growth.

Conversely, being able to make healthy food choices can come about from the quest for meaning in our life. To be emotionally ready to provide the self-care required of proper nutrition we must believe we are worthy of caring for ourself. To be able to give up self-defeating behaviours in a process of recognizing and abandoning damaging patterns and replacing them with productive ones. As we become aware of faulty emotional patterns we may notice our faulty health patterns that decrease our vitality.

When we nourish our mind and body, our mind and body can nourish us; our heart and soul. It is only when our heart and soul reaches this understanding, that you DESERVE to be nourished spiritually, that we learn to nourish ourselves physically also. With this leap of understanding we are enabled to continue down the path of self-discovery, healing and ultimately, peace. Healthy eating is worth the effort  because you are worth the effort.


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