Speaking One’s Truth

April 21, 2019 | By More

I  have been studying quite a few books on Indigenous spirituality lately and will share what is repeated consistently in this article.

As a heart-centered profound thinker, I am currently observing the general public’s interest in the expression “to speak one’s truth” and how important it is for the general public to hear that truth. (March 2019)

I was born in an Indigenous family who denied its roots and ways yet in spite of that, the Native American Spirit in me has been the pivotal driving mechanism, the underlying current if you will, of my entire life.

Speaking one’s truth anchored within the Indigenous culture is a powerful thing. It stems from an upbringing tethered to a culture rich in personal development through honour, self-discipline, introspection and the understanding of Great Spirit’s role and our own on Earth. 

Did you know that, in the old days, an Indigenous child was taught from birth, that they are a spirit with a body and that life is a sacred adventure of spiritual growth – that the most important relationship in Life was the one you developed with Great Spirit?  

Can you imagine living a life where you are taught to develop both the divine and the human relationship at the same time – where “religion” is your way of Life? When you are born with that paradigm, it sheds a different light on what is important. And it is this very paradigm the Priests and the Settlers of long ago did not understand. After living with a tribe for over 30 years, the priests did start to understand it but by then this sacred way of living life had already been judged and deemed the “work of the devil”. The Native Americans were written off as having no value. Yet, had it not been for their hospitality and generosity of spirit, the Settlers would never have survived their first winter here.

Imagine, starting at puberty, being an active witness to the Natural Laws on Earth within the concept of the Divine consciousness as backdrop to your decision-making. Today, most simply accept the status quo of whatever the popular trends might be and hope for the best. 

It used to be that the language of the Soul was the common thread among all Indigenous Peoples.  Their way was to ensure that relationships were developed with integrity and honour so that Peace could prevail and dignity be maintained. It was a code of ethical behaviour. Through Ceremony they reinforced their relationship with Great Spirit and when the Peace Pipe was used, it was considered a sacred covenant with Great Spirit that needed to be honoured at all cost.

At this time of writing, (March 2019), I am witnessing on TV, that to speak one’s truth from a point of introspection and honour restores the dignity of the Soul/Spirit connection and disproves the ignorance assigned to the great Peoples of the Americas. 

This is what is captivating: Honour and dignity are being put on display beautifully with integrity showing what it means to come from, not a point of materialistic thinking, but rather from a point of knowing the code of ethics that resides in the Soul/Spirit of each one and honouring it.

This way of life is the vibration stored in the earth and that is native to the Americas. Are you ready to explore that mystical paradigm? If you are, reach out. I would love to speak with you. If there are enough of you, I will put on a series of classes or work one-on-one.

May we all be blessed with forgiveness, mercy and harmlessness.

Diane Oliver, Introspection Specialist, Shamanic Healer (Indigenous Spirit Healing)

Dignity101.com, 613-261-1602 


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