Soul Sessions

February 21, 2018 | By More

by Ashley Parsons & Kerry Lundy

Soul Sessions serves up a slow-flow sensual Yoga and Meditation class with the intention of connecting to the Inner Goddess.  As facilitators, Kerry Lundy and Ashley Parsons meet you where you are in Mind, Body and Spirit and support you on the journey into your Divine Feminine.

Kerry is a certified Yoga instructor and has additionally been trained in Goddess Flow Yoga.  Kerry teaches a slow Yoga flow that is gentle and organic, leading you into a deeper place within yourself through mindful, soft, and fluid movement.  Slowing down is supported, and safe space is held for deep listening to the body.  As you slow down and listen, your Feminine Power begins to Speak.  Gently graze the soft curves of your womanly physique if you feel moved to do so.

We sit together, after our Yoga practice, taking moments to reflect on the learnings of the Divine Feminine Yoga journey, jotting down in your journal anything that may have come up in your practice, taking time to integrate, make connections, and just Be. Journalling is a therapeutic process in itself, allowing you to bring what is inside out onto the paper- it sends insights into motion and creates momentum and growth in your life.  Also, the act of journalling means you can take your learnings home with you.

Tranquil music plays as you transition into a restful savasana (‘corpse’ or relaxation pose).  A guided meditation led by Ashley, takes you into the inner sanctum of your Inner Goddess.  You journey inwards and meet your Divine Feminine, experience who She is, what She looks like, feels like, see where She lives, ask Her questions, receive Her Answers… You meet You on a deeper Soul level.  Ashley is a graduate of the Transformational Arts College in Toronto where she studied Spiritual Psychotherapy.  She brings her learnings as offerings for your Journey to Soul Sessions.

Kerry and Ashley, through their Soul Sessions, encourage you to Rise, Sister Rise!

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