So It’s 2018…

February 11, 2018 | By More

A new year; a fresh start and commitment to grow and evolve. However, the old problems, old wounds, old emotions and thought patterns accompany us into the new start. January reality check. Even if some of us were able to put the old baggage down for the Christmas and holiday season festivities; like our shadow, our past automatically follows us into the New Year.

Our most earnest resolutions and intentions only last so long — a few days, weeks, but often we dont make it to February with our new year resolutions intact. Its discouraging and debilitating. Our conscious mind has good intentions but our unconscious mind is running our life, based on old mental and emotional defensive programs acquired during traumatic or difficult times. The reptilian brain is about survival and it is powerful. However, repression of old wounds is really self oppression and often prevents our best efforts to grow.

If we aim to thrive in our lives, we must engage in in a cleansing of the mind and spirit as well as the physical body. Careful examination of what we have stored in the nooks and crannies of our unconscious mind and thorough release of old traumas which have become obstacles to our evolution, is a must.

This new year give yourself and your loved ones a truly fresh start in life and gently address and release old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which have stopped serving your highest benefit.



Group Therapy– three hours, every Thursday

6:30pm-9:30pm starting February 1,2018

$275 4 week package

$495 8 week package

$725 12 week package

Individual Sessions 1 hour session $140

Package of 8 sessions $125 per session

Package of 12 sessions $110 per session

Couples Sessions  1 hour session $160

Package of 8 $145 per session

Package of 12 $130 per session

All packages must be paid for in advance in order to qualify for the discounted rate. *All rates are inclusive of HST. Payment plans are available.

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