Shamanic Chakra Tuning, Clearing & Re-Alignment: New Service

October 8, 2019 | By More

It is always important to make lemonade when Life gives you lemons. My days as a shamanic reflexologist are over due to wear and tear on my thumb joints! I miss it. 

As a result I decided to revisit the Solfeggio scale tuning fork modality. I have taken the Solfeggio tuning forks training from Soma Energetics and studied others. 

The tuning forks are a great vibrational energy healing tool. it is an intuitive modality – It is taught that if Intuition directs you in a certain way, follow it rather than the instruction being given.

That is all my pioneer spirit needed to hear to show me how to use the forks in a shamanic way.

The Solfeggio scale in tuning forks introduces your energy field to a higher vibrational frequency. It is stated that our energy pools at the bottom of the spine and we tend to use only enough energy to survive. Using the tuning forks brings in a breath of fresh air into the self-contained chakra system releasing more energy for you to use on a daily basis.

My gift as a Medicine Woman (Shaman) is to identify and release energetic knots. Guided meditation is used for you to do the work if you are willing

The session per se simply realigns the chakras while releasing stuck energy through resonance. A release is automatic. It’s as if the higher frequencies replace the lower ones.

The feedback so far has been surprise at how gentle the energetic release is. The women have had a great sense of relief, a greater self-awareness as well as a heightened sense of awareness.

When I give a treatment, I too get balanced. I actually feel more space around my chakras and feel great joy.

This new modality allows me to continue my shamanic  healing journey while assisting you on your own quest for balance and growth. It also leaves room for intuitive coaching which includes learning about your subtle energy, the sacred side to Life and  includes seeking pragmatic strategies that can ground  the inner work you are doing. This approach is unique to all of my services. I also offer mentoring.

If you have been feeling energetically stuck or sluggish, my shamanic approach using this modality may get you moving forward again. All you do is lie on the massage table to receive higher frequencies. You could very well be as pleasantly surprised as my other clients have been.

Hope you will consider giving this gentle energetic release and boost a try. Please note that as with all energetic modalities, results vary and are not guaranteed. These services do not replace medical, psychological or other professional care treatments.

Best regards always!

Diane Oliver

Soul Energy Medicine Woman

613-261-1602 or

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