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November 10, 2017 | By More

By: Avegaile Calzado

Wellness practices like yoga and meditation are supposed to help people relax and connect with themselves. However, if we’re not mindful, yoga and meditation can also be a source of stress, anxiety, and guilt. Many of us are busy, juggling different responsibilities. So, we end up rushing to our yoga and meditation class. When we finally get there, the class is overcrowded and we feel irritated by the person who took “our spot or accidentally steps on our mat.

Sometimes we find ourselves comparing our pose to other students, judging our bodies and abilities, and wishing we could be more flexible, stronger, etc. Just like everything else, we want yoga and meditation to be efficient and productive activities. We set goals and objectives for our yoga and meditation class.I will attend such and such class this many times a week. I should see results! By this specific time, I should be able to do this pose or that pose perfectly. I should not miss any classes. We forget that these thoughts are counterintuitive to our wellness practice and end up ruining the experience of relaxation and calm we are trying to achieve.

Yoga and meditation are not about making ourselves better. Rather, they are processes of deconstructing the barriers we may have erected to prevent us from having an authentic connection with ourselves and with others. They help people slow down and be present in the moment. By connecting the body, mind, and spirit yoga and meditation can help us better understand ourselves, as well as how we relate to those around us, and how we respond to the challenges of our modern lives.

My approach to body and mind wellness combines yoga, meditation, and expressive arts therapy as tools for relaxation, self-care, and personal development. I find that expressive arts therapy practices, such as journaling, drawing, painting, and photography, wonderfully complements yoga and meditation. These practices can be our channels to express thoughts and emotions that would otherwise be difficult for us to articulate. Through practice, we gradually develop mindfulness and allow ourselves to self-discover, learn, and grow.

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