Reclaiming Pleasure: Vitamin ‘P’ for Health and Wellness

December 20, 2017 | By More

Pleasure is essential to our survival. Indeed, it’s physiologically necessary. We’ve been taught that anything connected to pleasure is a luxury, self-indulgent or suspect, but pleasure, like breathing and our heart beating, is who we are.

When we experience something pleasurable, our bodies naturally produce the neurotransmitter nitric oxide, which balances and increases the ‘feel good’ hormones – endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. These are the hormones that allow us to feel positive, to love, bond and thrive. Low levels of nitric oxide make our bodies more prone to disease, while high levels keep us vibrant and healthy, and allow us to express our true selves with creativity, courage and self-esteem.

When we discuss pleasure we immediately think of sexual pleasure. And yes, nitric oxide is released during sex and at orgasm, giving us a wonderful feeling of relaxation and release and boosting our entire body, physically and emotionally.

But the production of nitric oxide is triggered by any experience of pleasure, including laughter, cuddling, meditation, and exercise, and by getting out in the sun and eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants.

When we feed ourselves pleasure we feel confident, passionate and creative. We feel powerful and worthy. We show up in the world as our best selves and we offer our gifts to the world.

Say YES to occasional spa days, vacations and big birthday celebrations, but don’t forget your daily dose of Vitamin ‘P’. When you pay attention and mindfully seek and create pleasure, you can find it anywhere – the earthy scent of a fire, the minty freshness of your teeth after brushing, the comfort of a warm bath on a cold evening, getting lost in music, sharing a deep belly laugh, or enjoying a game of tag or Go Fish with your children.

Say YES to pleasure in all of its forms every day. Your health depends on it.

©2017 Tracy Montgomery is a somatic sex educator who offers erotic learning to those who want to expand their capacity for pleasure, love and joy, heal sexual dysfunction or the wounds of sexual abuse, and explore the intersection of sex and spirit. She works privately with individuals and couples, facilitates the Ottawa Snuggle Salon and offers interactive workshops on healthy sexuality. Visit her online at

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