Re-Connecting with One Another & Cyclists

September 11, 2019 | By More

On Sunday, September 29th, you are invited to a workshop entitled “Re-Connect to the Sacred Within – an introduction to the Medicine Wheel”.  This would be a perfect class if you feel you have a “Red Heart” even though you are not Indigenous.

What prompted me to bring beginner teachings about the Medicine Wheel is  we seem to be losing our respect and connection to one another. Technology is wonderful yet when someone would rather video someone in trouble rather than call 911, my heart breaks. Then this headline catches my attention:

“Why do cyclists keep on getting hit?” It got me thinking…. 

People turn to the governments to review road safety. Yet these accidents happen between two people: their choices, knowledge  and application of road rules and attentiveness to one another.  It’s not only the driver’s fault, the cyclist too is accountable – including the youth. We need to become aware of our environment and the people around us. Education is the key.

Our teens need to understand that their bike is like a car, subject to the same rules. Following traffic rules is what makes safety predictable. Youth must be given an understanding of all the details a driver must be aware of. That they don’t have eyes around their head. A car cannot stop on a dime.  Cyclist courtesy needs to be applied. Their safety is their responsibility and they must learn to assess the road and traffic because they are part of the traffic.  A driver cannot predict them.  Sometimes drivers do not know they are there until the last minute.  Bicycles don’t make noise and can creep up behind, beside or in front of a car. The cyclist cannot assume that the driver knows he/she is there. Making eye contact, slowing down, assessing the situation and sharing the road are important skills to learn in our youth.

Drivers get arrested for careless driving – our youth risk being killed for reckless cycling due to inexperience.

This may sound like overkill but when a child’s life is at stake, it’s time to call a spade a spade. Is it time to include cycling education in your family?  The bottom line is always it takes two to tango. We all know accidents do happen. Would the odds be smaller if we became more aware and respectful of each other? We’ll only know if we try it out.

Food for thought. 

On a different note, I am now an intern offering energy chakra balancing using the Solfagio Tuning Forks. The first ten people to sign up to help me practice will receive a free treatment. All others, for the month of September, the cost will be $20.00 per session.  

Diane Oliver, Energy Medicine Woman

Sacred Compass Training & Healing

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