Quantum Physics and Working in the Quantum Field

December 15, 2018 | By More

Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch® Therapy Practitioner/Instructor, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Certified Facilitator, Open Space Technology, and Small Group Processes

I’ve just been feeling my great joy at becoming a QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.  It’s been a joyous year of working with this new model of coaching, and understand even more profoundly how the quantum field is always operating whether we know it or not, and how much our wellness and our joy in life is part of what is going on with us at an emotional level.  In fact, it is at that emotional level where it all begins.  And I’ve discovered a better grasp of that, as I moved forward into this world of coaching.

It is a very simple process, but being simple, doesn’t mean that it is easy, nor without many complexities, but rather, we mostly need to get out of our own way, when doing either Quantum-Touch Healing work, or Law of Attraction coaching. Our intense desire to be in charge, to control processes is the greatest detriment to allowing the healing to take place, and as we consider this conundrum, this apparent contradiction, we need to consider the level of emotions involved when we are contemplating change, and the high levels of energy we feel when we feel intense love, vs what we feel when we are feeling depressed, or frustrated.

Coaching is a special process for clients who are struggling with moving forward in their lives, or who are wanting to make changes and don’t quite know how to take those steps to take first.  Others who are wanting to find new ways to live and feel stuck from old messages from the past.  Any of these situations can be helped with a Law of Attraction coach.  When we work with a coach, we feel more in charge of our lives, and our decisions.  Very empowering work creating happier, healthier and wealthier clients. 

Aileen M. McKenna is a Certified QT Instructor and Practitioner, certified as the first Canadian instructor in June 2004. She has taught classes to 1,000s of students across Canada, in the Caribbean and Scotland and sees 100s of clients annually in her private clinic in Ottawa. Aileen is certified as an Open Space Technology facilitator, and a facilitator of small groups.  She offers workshops in other energy work, including Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space.  Aileen has been offering energy healing in the Ottawa area for more than 25 years, initially with Polarity therapy and Cranio-Sacral prior to learning Quantum-Touch® therapy. Aileen is now in the process of becoming a Law of Attraction Coach.  You can reach her at 613-228-2272, at 613-795-3751, and by e-mail at aileen.mckenna66@gmail.com, at aileen@aileensoasis.com,  or you can check out her website at www.aileensoasis.com, her blogsite at www.wellnessunlimited.ca  and the Quantum-Touch website at www.quantumtouch.com

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