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May 14, 2018 | By More

Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, Psychotherapist, Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner

A few months ago I added a new quantum biofeedback software to my toolbox of restoration, balancing and rejuvenation tools. This is the Genius Insight system and so far it has proven itself to be nothing short of amazing.

The basis concept behind the software is that it provides a means of assessing your vibrational frequency. This energetic assessmentis done through your voice analysis, your photo, your name and birth date. This assessed frequency is then compared to other frequencies that have been programmed into the software. The result of this comparison is a score ranging from 1-777.

Certain scores indicate reactivity. These are generally the scores above 600 and below 200. Reactivity tells us there is some degree of disharmony between the person or animal being tested and the particular frequency being tested. Examples of these frequencies being tested could include vitamin C, magnesium, the immune system or the spleen meridian or thousands of other health issues. There are assessment panels for any issue you could be concerned about.

A score above 600 is generally associated with inflammation and issues that may be more acute or closer to the surface and more superficial. Low scores below 200 may indicate issues that are more chronic and are associated with stagnation and depletion and tend to be long term issues. They are the areas of the most compressed energy. Quantum biofeedback finds the issue blocking energy flow, then opens the energy and re-establishes flow. An hour session can begin restoring the balance and harmony your system has lost– whether recently or many years ago. There is nothing that cannot be improved energetically if it is in Divine Will that it should happen. From the first sessin on you will start to feel more energy flowing in your body.

There is no end to the issues this system can energetically balance–including chronic fatigue, weight loss, brain fog, candida, arthritis and rheumatism to food allergies and sensitivities. It can bring new energy and balance to old injuries, emotional issues, spiritual growth and mental challenges like ADD or ADHD– all by bringing harmony to out-of-balance energies.

For the next month sessions that will normally be $100 per hour will be discounted to $50. Come experience what the Genius Insight can do for you. Resolution of issues often takes more that one session, but each session brings new life and energy to the person suffering some disharmony in their health system.

Please call Sherry Harris to book your intro session. 613-236-8852 or


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