Pressure to Flow with the Natural Laws

April 17, 2019 | By More

by Amâeil, Energy Psychotherapy & Ascension Healing

Natural spiritual-energetic laws govern and support our experiences. By flowing with them we create inner harmony with our Spirit. If we don’t align with these principles, we can now find ourselves feeling pressure to change incongruent and perhaps long-hidden aspects of ourselves. By aligning with the 13 natural laws we stabilize the energies for everyone, and we do need to very mindfully hold steady in the current chaotic forces. 

Here are just a few principles, stated very simply, so they can be applied to our daily choices.

Law of Mentalism – our thoughts determine our energetic reality on multiple simultaneous dimensions. We maintain connection with the Universal Mind of God. This law is the precursor to all others, mastered through clearing and disciplining the negative ego, and neutral Observer Consciousness. Ascension is 99% ego work.

Law of Suggestion – we’re the product of all that we’ve heard, seen, spoken and experienced, including fears, falsities, and mind control. We’re conscious of what and whose story we’re living. We think and speak clearly with our authentic heart to align our energies to our Highest Expression so that we strengthen and radiate our Inner Light in Service to Others.

Law of Cause and Effect – we’re each accountable for how we use our energies and their effect. Love begets love. Fear begets fear. We learn from the effects of our past choices and focus on more affirming choices for positive outcomes. We choose to be the power and cause of our mind and emotions instead of being victim to others and situations. 

Law of Transformation  –  all energy is in a perpetual state of death and rebirth. Who we are, our consciousness, and timelines, are always shifting. We allow the flow of inner change, and trust that all our experiences intelligently serve our evolution.

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