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July 29, 2019 | By More

How to activate musical patterns in your voice to optimize 

presentations, teachings and marketing communications

By Daniel Mauro

Have you ever noticed that certain speakers, professors, online marketers, or YouTubers can keep you riveted? Their message sinks in effortlessly and you just want to hear more? You can listen to them for extended periods without getting tired, distracted or losing focus. What is it about their communication style that keeps us so attentive? The short answer is: Music — or what we might call the musicality of speech

While there are a wide variety of variables that combine to produce high impact presenters, great speaking typically hinges on basic musical features, such as rhythm, pitch and tonality. Just as all musical genres consist of melodies, harmonies, rhythms — so it is with human speech. All speech utterances have embedded within them hidden musical patterns that are opaque to us. We are musical in our speech and we do not even notice it!

Those speakers that appeal to us the most — that consistently create an ideal sonic atmosphere for the transmission of simple messages and ideas — have optimized the sound frequencies in their voice. Whereas some of these impressive individuals have innate vocal qualities that lend themselves to dynamic teachings and inspired performances; other speakers understand the key ingredients of powerful speaking and have consciously crafted their rhythmic speech patterns in a way that consistently captivates audiences. And the wonderful news is: So can YOU.

Sadly, most of us have lost the extensive vocal malleability we were born with. We’ve become comfortable with a constrained voice that is not fully our own. Intuitively, we may feel that something is missing when we communicate with others because of how we sound — and inadvertently, that subtle disconnect reduces the true power of our message. Communication is everything. In order to be authentic on stage or in more intimate teaching environments or on a livestream video, it’s essential that we learn to harness the vast range of spectral and musical parameters that are available to us as vibrational beings.  

According to innovative discoveries by sound healing pioneer, Sharry Edwards, the frequency spectrum of your voice mirrors a range of internal biological parameters; for example, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and neurotransmitter levels are all indicated by specific frequency biomarkers in your vocal signature. By modulating the characteristics of your voice using specific sound-based techniques, you can literally transform your brain and body at multiple levels. Your VOICE is truly a multidimensional instrument that can be fine-tuned for greater healing, power, and impact in all communication settings.

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