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March 12, 2019 | By More

Ian Prattis

Pressed is a small, all ages venue and restaurant. It formally functions as a gourmet sandwich bar, but also serves as a vital community space in downtown Ottawa. It promotes bands and books – all genres of art performance. That includes poetry and book launches at Pressed, 750 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6X5. On Sunday, March 31 from 4pm – 6pm I will be there with my book Painting with Words, Poetry of a New Era. Hope to see you. 

Here are some brilliant snippets from Jana Begovic’s Foreword of the book. “Part Two of this anthology puts on full display Prattis’ passion for nature voiced through his gift of painting pictures with words. He infuses our senses with the colourful images of nature’s cycles and its “undeterred rhythm” of change alternating from decay to renewal, from the melancholy of loss to the joy of a new beginning. His poem “Weaving in the Forest” paints a splendorous image of a lake, awakening the senses to the striking beauty of the depicted scene. Prattis’ verses devoted to nature portray her as a living and breathing organism worthy of our utmost reverence and respect.”

 “The volume ends with the thematic focus on the Ancient Wisdom humans can access through their communing with nature. Travelling through the wilderness, Prattis becomes like Thoreau in Walden, pulsating with the rhythm of the river, the spirit of nature and that of its ancient inhabitants.” 

“The ancient wisdom is like the tabernacle of our collective memory, and Prattis, attuned to nature, harvests these ancient energies and weaves them into his own history, which he carries forth into the future.”

“Reading Ian Prattis’ literary tour de force reminded me of E.B. White’s quote in which he compared writing to both a mask and unveiling. The profound truth of that quote brought greater clarity to a seemingly complex and intriguing man who dances between the roles author, shaman, environmentalist, a wolf whisperer and a human vessel through which ancient wisdom pours forth.” 

To avoid shipping costs, Ottawa friends can get a signed copy directly from me –your purchase enables you to take home a prior book or Meditation CD home for FREE, as a special thank you.

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